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When a person faces criminal charges, they need to know their attorney has deep knowledge of all applicable law. They need to know their lawyer understands the diligence it takes to investigate a case and pore over small details that might make a difference. People need to know their defense counsel has the personal presence and command to stand in front of a jury and effectively make a case. At Stacie Calhoun Bilyeu, Attorney at Law, LLC, defendants find all that, along with responsive service and a long track record of success to boot. 

Our Springfield criminal defense law firm brings over 30 years of experience to the table when fighting for defendants. We’ve built a reputation for success and for the willingness and ability to make a strong case in front of a jury. 

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Stacie has been practicing law since 1999 and helps clients facing charges in the following areas…

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime trials can often involve complex financial transactions and it’s not hard for unwitting people to get caught up in a prosecutor’s net. Our experience at knowing what to look for and where to look may be particularly valuable to defendants in cases like these. 

Violent Crimes

Violent crime charges not only place a person at risk of jail, but the mere existence of the charges is often damaging to one’s reputation in the community. The way out is acquittal and that’s what we fight for at Stacie Calhoun Bilyeu, Attorney at Law, LLC. 


When a person sees their blood-alcohol content (BAC) level test out at .08 or higher, they may feel there is no other recourse but to plead guilty. Don’t assume that. There are viable ways to challenge a DUI charge and we can help evaluate the specifics of your case. 

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can include everything from possessing a small amount of a fairly harmless drug to trafficking in heroin. As such, there is a wide range of possible penalties. But there’s also a wide range of possible defenses. Call Stacie Calhoun Bilyeu, Attorney at Law, LLC at (417) 640-2370 or fill out our online contact form to get help in learning your options. 


There is no charge in the criminal code more serious than that of taking the life of another human being. Certain types of murder charges in Missouri can result in the death penalty. No matter what the charge, conviction means a long prison term. We fight for defendants and their rights at a time when it’s far too common for society to rush to judgment. 

Federal & State Crimes

Federal and state courts are an entirely different animal, from the pace they operate at, to the level of detail and knowledge often required of the attorney. Stacie is experienced at handling both federal and state crimes.


All convictions are serious, but a felony charge, by its very definition, brings with it the threat of long-term imprisonment. Defendants need a lawyer who will fight for them, and that’s what they find at Stacie Calhoun Bilyeu, Attorney at Law, LLC. 

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